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ECP - Toyota Extra Care Protection

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Your Toyota Consists of thousands of different parts working together to give you the vehicle performance every Toyota has to offer. It's comforting to know that Toyota Extra Protection Care (ECP) is there to keep your vehicle covered.

ECP is the affordable and cost effective way to guarantee your peace of mind and protect your investment from unexpected mechanical failure, road emergencies and inflation and with Platinum Coverage so comprehensive, there are only a few items not covered.

ECP is available in a variety of time/mileage plans to suit your driving needs with plans covering up to 7 years or 200,000kms.

But my Toyota already has a factory warranty.  What does ECP offer beyond Toyota New Vehicle Warranty?

ECP protects your new Toyota from unexpected mechanical failure beyond your factory warranty plus much more!

  • Up to 3 Years included Maintanence*
  • Towing
  • Emergency Road Services
  • Rental Assistance
  • Trip Interruption Assistance
  • Tire Road Hazard Protection
  • Travel Planning Assistance

ECP takes over when your factory warranty ends and provides parts and labour coverage for up to seven years or 200,000 kilometres!

ECP is Transferable

Extra Care Protection enhances the resale value of your Toyota.  Transferring your remaining ECP coverage is a simple process and will enhance your trade-in allowance.

What's Included in My ECP Coverage?

Mechanical Protection

  • coverage of 17 comprehensive mechanical groups
  • a wide selection of terms and kilometers to suit your driving needs
  • Service from any of 1,500 Toyota dealers across North America
  • Peace of Mind driving

Benefits Program

  • Up to 3 Years Maintenance Program (for vehicles with 12 months/16,000 km oil change intervals)

Vehicle Rental Assistance

  • ECP helps get you home even if your vehicle has to stay in the shop overnight due to failure of a covered component
  • Up to $40 a day (for a max of 5 days rental)
  • Additional 5 days if the parts are on back-order
  • Up to $400 rental assistance per occurrence

Emergency Road Services & Towing

  • Tire Road Hazard Protection keeps you rolling for up to 36 months/50,000 kms coverage on original tires:
    • Tire repair or replacement
    • 100% reimbursement, not prorated
    • Installation and balancing
    • Winter tires purchased from and installed by a Toyota dealer are included
  • Trip Interruption
    • When you are over 300 kms from home, if a covered component fails call the toll-free number 1-888-TOYOTA-8 and receive up to $100 day for 3 days to cover meals, hotel or alternative transportation
  • Travel Planning Assistance


Toyota Roadside Assistance:

When you purchase ECP your new vehicle Roadside Assistance is upgraded and gives you additional coverage.

Such as:

Mechanical Breakdown Towing
To your preferred Toyota Dealership within 50 kms or to the nearest Toyota Dealership within 300 kms.

Accident Towing
To your preferred Toyota Dealership within 50 kms or to the nearest Toyota Dealership within 300 kms. A second tow will be provided , if necessary, from an accident-reporting center.

Battery Boost

In the event that your Toyota fails to start after the boost, it will be towed according to your Mechanical Breakdown towing benefit stated above.

Lockout Service

If you have locked your keys in your vehicle, Toyota Extra Care Roadside Assistance will dispatch a service facility to attempt to gain entry into your vehicle.

Fuel Delivery

In the event that you run out of fuel, Toyota Extra Care Roadside Assistance will deliver gasoline to your stranded vehicle. (Cost of gasoline is included up to 5 liters.)

Tire Change

If you have a flat tire, your usable spare will be installed.


If your vehicle becomes immobilized in a ditch, mud or snow, Toyota Extra Care Roadside Assistance will arrange to have your vehicle winched on to the nearest roadway.

Trip Interruption

If you experience a mechanical breakdown and you are more than 300 km from home you will be reimbursed upon providing original receipts and a repair receipt up to a total of $100 per day for a maximum of 3 days for accommodation, meals and transportation (combined) related to the incident.

Travel Planning

On request, you will receive a personalized travel planner which includes:

  • Highlighted road, city and vacation area maps
  • Tour and accommodations directories
  • Alternate routes and trip log
  • List of Toyota Dealers en route
  • Historical sites, attractions and entertainment along the way


For more information or pricing details on ECP or Roadside Assistance, please contact our Business Manager, Shelly Campbell by phone at (519) 235-2353 or email at


Want additional coverage?
If you would like to extend your ECP Roadside Assistance plan, it is easy! Just give a call to
1 888 TOYOTA 8. It is stress free and affordable to do so.