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Toyota Electrified Vehicles

Toyota is a leader in emission reduction and has a long-standing commitment to be carbon neutral across our global operations by 2050.  We lead the way in Canada with the most electrified vehicles on the road and will have an electrified option for every vehicle we sell by about 2025.

This year, 40% of the vehicles we sell will be electrified.  We know that climate change is a serious issue and we're committed to working towards ending it.

Toyota has been building Hybrid Electric vehicles for over 20 years leading the way in innovation and technology.  We offer more electrified vehicles in our lineup than any other manufacturer, and there's more to banner


How to Hybrid Electric Vehicles work?

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Toyota Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) give you the freedom to drive like you always have, while helping to reduce fuel costs and lower emissions.  HEV's work by pairing gas engines with electronic motors to generate electricity as you drive.  While your vehicle is in motion, Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive seamlessly, and automatically chooses the optimal source and blend of motive power.  And because the system recharges as you drive, you never need to plug in the hybrid electric vehicle.

Starting up - Under most conditions, only the electric motor is engaged.  This saves on fuel, delivers instant torque and has minimal emissions.

Accelerating and Cruising - The gas and electric motor team up to provide the ideal mix of power and the excess energy is used to help recharge the battery.

Declerating and Braking - The electric motor takes over using regenerative braking which converts braking energy into electric energy to help recharge the onboard battery.

Resting and Reversing - When stopped the gas engine shuts down to conserve fuel.  When reversing at low speed only the electric motor is required.

What are the benefits of a Hybrid Electric Vehicle?

Get in and go! - No need to change a thing about how you drive or fuel your vehicle.

Go the distance - The hybrid battery recharges on the go so you have the confidence to get where you need to, without the need to plug in.

Quick & Quiet - Electric motors deliver instant torque for quick acceleration and a quiet ride.

Help Reduce Fuel Costs and Emissions - Depending on how you drive, you can spend some of the time in zero-fuel, zero-emission driving.

No additional maintenance - Toyota Hybrid Electric Vehicles follow the same maintenance schedule as our gas-powered vehicles.

Built to Last - Toyota HEVs are backed up with a 10-Year or 240,000km (whichever comes first) Hybrid Battery Warranty and an 8-Year or 160,000km Hybrid Component Warranty

Be part of the solution - Since 1997 Toyota Electrified vehicles have prevented over 94 million tons of CO2 emissions globally.


Toyota Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) offer the best of both worlds by offering two sources of power.  They operate the same as regular hybrid vehicles (HEVs), but they can also be plugged in - allowing you to extend your electric-only driving range.  RAV4 Prime and Prius Prime are great examples of PHEV technology.

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What are the Benefits of a PHEV?

Less Fuel.  Lower Emissions - PHEVs can travel faster and further in EV-mode than conventional hybrid electric vehicles.

Leave range anxiety behind - Even if your electric battery runs low, you never need to worry about finding a charging station

Powerful response - The electric motor provides immediate torque for instant acceleration and automatically switching between gas and electricity means enhanced driving performance under any driving condition.

eAWD for All-Weather confidence - Toyota PHEVs are available with electronic-All-Wheel-Drive that features dedicated motors at every wheel for added confidence.  Great for Canadian conditions.

No additional maintenance - Just like hybrid electric vehicles, PHEVs maintenance schedule is nearly identical to our gas powered vehicles.



Why You Should Consider a Hybrid

With a wide range of hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles to choose from, Toyota has the right model to suit your family and driving needs.  Here are some reasons why you should consider a Toyota Hybrid for your next vehicle:

  • POWER - HEVs and PHEVs create more instant torque and smoother acceleration off the line than traditional gas engine vehicles.
  • DRIVE LIKE YOU ALWAYS HAVE - Toyota's electrified vehicles work seamlessly in the background so you don't need to change a thing about the way you drive.
  • NO EXTRA MAINTENANCE - Toyota's HEVs and PHEVs require no extra routine maintenance and follow the same maintenance schedule as our gas powered vehicles.  And don't worry, they are also covered by a 10 Year or 240,000km hybrid battery warranty for peace of mind.
  • EXTENDED RANGE - Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles like the Prius Prime and RAV4 Prime can be plugged in for extended electric-only range.  The Prius Prime can travel up to 1,035 km with a full tank of gas and a full electric charge.
  • REDUCE YOUR FOOTPRINT - Toyota's electric vehicles have prevented over 94 million tons of CO2 emissions globally since the original Prius was launched in 1997.
  • BE PART OF A MOVEMENT - By 2050 Toyota is committed to making a net positive impact, including the reduction of emissions of new Toyota vehicles by 90% compared to 2010 levels.  Be part of the movement towards sustainable modes transportation.
  • REUSE AND RECYCLE - Toyota's electric batteries can be dismantled and recycled or repurposed just like any other battery.
  • SAFETY FIRST - All Toyota HEVs and PHEVs have been designed and tested for life in Canada and come standard with Toyota Safety Sense.
  • WINTER READY - All Toyota vehicles are ready for whatever a Canadian Winter might been and have been extensively tested in cold weather.
  • BATTERIES DESIGNED TO LAST - Over 98% of Toyota hybrid electric vehicles sold in Canada since 2001 have never had their original battery replaced and starting with 2020 model year vehicles, the hybrid battery warranty has been increased to 10 Years or 240,000 km.


Toyota Hybrid Lineup

Corolla Hybrid







Camry Hybrid



















RAV4 Hybrid

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Highlander Hybrid


Grand Highlander Hybrid

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Tundra Hybrid

Tundra Hybrid

Sequoia Hybrid

Sequoia Hybrid

Prius Prime

Prius Prime


RAV4 Prime

RAV4 Prime











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