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The Question to ask is:

"What DOESN'T the Mirai do?"

It's a car and a power source, but it only emits water vapour. The Mirai is a four door, mid-size sedan that competes with traditional internal combustion engines. But the best part is, it doesn't use gasoline. The Mirai is powered by a fuel cell electric drivetrain.
The fuel cell works like this: Think of a battery-electric vehicle, except instead of a large drive battery, the fuel cell stack combines hydrogen gas with oxygen to produce electricity that powers the electric motor. No heavy emissions or carbon footprint. The performance is pretty remarkable too. In fact, the Mirai delivers one of the best power outputs in the world.


It's more then just a car!


But the Mirai is more than just a car. It also comes with an optional 'power take off' (PTO) device that enables the Mirai to serve as a mobile generator in case of power outage related emergencies. Mirai is capable of powering home essentials in the average household for up to a week.