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Ventilated Seats or seat ventilation is a feature that is built into the seats and it directs air through the seat unto the occupant for increased comfort especially on long journeys.

There are vehicles that offer several fan speeds in their seat ventilation (usually two or three). When switched on they begin on the highest speed and may automatically reduce the fan speed after a pre-determined time set by the manufacturer.

The benefits of ventilated seats:

  • They can reduce sweating and dry any moisture between your body and the seat.
  • They can reduce the temperature of the seats if the vehicle was parked in the sun and they became hot.
  • They can be used together with the heated seats function to make the seats warm during winter.

The buttons or controls for the ventilated seats can be situated on the center console, the doors or on the seats.These buttons or switches are usually close to other buttons that control seat functions. There will be a separate control for each seat and each one can be ventilated independently.