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Next Generation 2019 RAV4
Toyota Canada is ready for 2018 with a full range of models designed to inspire and impress - and nowhere is that more apparent than with the 2019 RAV4.  "Toyota is committed to giving customers more of what they want - and as our best-selling vehicle, it's clear Canadians want the RAV4, and will be thrilled with this all-new version," said Cyril Dimitril, Vice President, Toyota Canada Inc.

The future is available now.

The Question to ask is: "What DOESN'T the Mirai do?" It's a car and a power source, but it only emits water vapour. The Mirai is a four door, mid-size sedan that competes with traditional internal combustion engines. But the best part is, it doesn't use gasoline. The Mirai is powered by a fuel cell electric drivetrain.